A lash and brow tint is a highly effective and affordable beauty treatment that will save you time on your morning makeup routine and let you look polished at all times of the day and night. No need to worry about panda eyes if you’re in and out of the water at the beach or are active in sports.

Eyebrow tinting, particularly when done in conjunction with eyebrow waxing, can completely enhance your look in as little as 15 minutes. Your eyebrows actually shape your face and, along with your newly groomed appearance, our Geelong brow tinting will really accentuate your eyes.

Eyelash tinting is also great for contact lens wearers. Some mascara fibres can damage the contact lens so once you have your lashes tinted, you can go for six to eight weeks with perfectly dark lashes and not a tube of mascara in sight!

Call our team at Tox Bar to make an appointment for a lash and brow tint and why not add a relaxing facial treatment or talk to us about our anti-wrinkle treatments to really rejuvenate and refresh your skin?