If you are looking for anti-wrinkle treatments that provide a natural-looking result, visit us at our Geelong cosmetic skin clinic. Our experienced practitioners will spend time with you to discuss any concerns you have and the results you are hoping to achieve with cosmetic injectables.

What are anti-wrinkle injections and how do they work?

Anti-wrinkle injections work by injecting a natural protein that relaxes targeted and specific muscles we use when making facial expressions. The actual name of the cosmetic injections we use cannot be revealed here due to restrictions from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, however we can discuss the products used at our Geelong cosmetic clinic when you visit us at Tox Bar.

The most common problems treated with wrinkle injections include frown lines, crow’s feet, vertical lines between the brows and worry lines. The injectables work to reduce the activity of muscles that cause these wrinkles and they can be targeted to ensure you maintain facial expressions to the degree you want rather than having a “frozen” face.

Cosmetic injectables can also be used to reduce neck banks, create an eyebrow lift and even reduce excessive sweating by up to 90 percent.

What happens during the anti-wrinkle treatment?

At our cosmetic clinic here in Geelong, anti-wrinkle treatments involve a number of very small injections into the targeted areas. Our practitioner may apply either ice or numbing cream to reduce any sensation caused by the extremely fine needle. Only a very small level of discomfort is experienced by our clients and there is no down-time required after treatment. We do advise that you avoid exercise, strenuous activities, lying down and touching the treated areas for four hours after treatments to ensure optimal results.

How long do the wrinkle treatments last?

Wrinkle treatments in the form of cosmetic injectables last for up to four months, depending on the dose administered and the areas treated.

Are there any side-effects associated with anti-wrinkle injections?

The safety profile of cosmetic injectables including anti-wrinkle injections is exceptionally good. There have been no reported major side effects from the use of anti-wrinkle injections and generally there are very few minor side effects to treatment.

Occasionally there may be minor bruising over the treated area, most commonly around the eyes. There may also be slight swelling or redness of the area, however this only lasts an hour or so.

Other possible outcomes include:

  • Asymmetrical or uneven results. This is resolved with further treatments.
  • Failure to cause noticeable changes. This is usually due to inadequate dose of the cosmetic injectables and is resolved with further treatments.
  • Puffy eyes.
  • Drooping of the corner of the mouth due to the misplacement of the injections.
  • Partial drooping of the eyelid when treating frown lines.

It is good to note that any of these side effects of treatments are temporary and if further treatment is not considered helpful, the conditions will resolve naturally.

Our practitioners are more than happy to talk to you about any concerns or queries you may have about anti-wrinkle treatments, so please don’t hesitate to ask us!

Anti-wrinkle treatments work exceptionally well with our Geelong clinic wrinkle fillers, as both treatments target very different conditions. Dermal fillers replace lost volume in the face whereas anti-wrinkle injections reduce the activity of wrinkle-causing muscles in the face. Both work together to create a more youthful, relaxed and smooth appearance.