LED light therapy is a non-invasive procedure used to stimulate tissue repair, calm inflammation, reduce fine lines and reduce bacteria on the surface of the skin. In addition, the therapy is completely painless and there is no down time. After one treatment your skin will feel tighter and calmer due to the increased circulation, oxygen and moisture content.

LED light therapy’s gentle and natural treatment can be carried out to target a range of different concerns. Red LED light helps with firmness in the skin, tightens the pores and has anti-inflammatory benefits. The red light wavelengths can help to improve the skin’s ability to generate new collagen which may have slowed in production due to age or skin damage. The specific wavelengths of blue LED light kills bacteria that causes acne in many people. A combination of the two, purple, will give you the best of both!

Call Tox Bar to book in for your LED skin rejuvenation for either 15 or 30 minute sessions. During the session, your eyes are covered to protect them against the light and to allow you to relax and enjoy the warming sensation on your face as our LED skin rejuvenation therapy goes to work.

  • 15 minute treatment
  • 30 minute treatment

Our Geelong LED light therapy can be carried out with and complemented by a number of other treatments, including facials, skin needling and PRP injections. We now also provide CryoPen cryotherapy skin treatment in Geelong. Why not make an appointment to undergo a skin analysis by one of our experienced and friendly team and create an individual skin-care plan just for you?