Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is the latest innovation in aesthetic medicine and facial rejuvenation. PRP treatment is a regenerative procedure that uses a concentrated and refined sample of your own blood to stimulate collagen production, promote tissue repair and rejuvenate the skin with stem cells and growth factors.

PRP injections work by utilising your own platelets to instruct your body to stimulate collagen and new skin cells. The result is a marked improvement in complexion and skin texture as well as a restoration in lost volume in the face. You will notice a gradual improvement in the treated area over the first three to five weeks, with the full effects apparent at four to seven weeks.

After treatment we find that most of our clients experience some mild swelling in the areas that have been treated. There may also be some redness or warmth in the area as well as mild bruising which can take several days to disappear. All these side effects are generally mild and very common to the treatment.

For optimal results, we advise clients have three treatments at intervals of four to six weeks. Platelet rich plasma injections are a relatively painless, non-invasive procedure which takes less than 30 minutes. The improvements can, however, last for up to 18 months.

At our Geelong anti-aging clinic, PRP treatment for the face can be combined with dermal fillers to increase the effectiveness and longevity of the wrinkle fillers. So if you are looking to reduce volume loss and fine lines, this is the procedure for you.

While platelet rich plasma skin rejuvenation is a treatment used for a variety of purposes including facial rejuvenation, knee tendon repair and hair restoration therapy, Tox Bar offers PRP injection treatment for facial rejuvenations only.

For a gentle and natural volumising treatment and reduction in fine lines, contact Tox Bar to make an appointment with one of our experienced and friendly practitioners to discuss PRP treatment and other Geelong anti-wrinkle treatments available here at our cosmetic skin clinic.