Aspect Dr Brightening Kit


Aspect Dr Brightening Kit

Uneven, dull looking skin? The Aspect Dr Brightening Kit gives you the answer with proven botanical actives that really make a difference.

Ideal For: 

  • All forms of Pigmentation
  • Ideal Prep Program


Deep Clean cleanser 30ml:

Deep Clean is a purifying cleanser that contains a non irritating botanical retinoid and a blend of natural occurring AHAs which will exfoliate, renew and refine your skin enhancing your complexion.

Complete Pigment Serum 30ml:

Improve skin pigmentation and prevent future pigmentation from developing. Helps lighten the appearance of age spotsfreckles, hormonal marks and generally uneven skin tone. A superior patented lightening formula which may help to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Exfol A Plus Serum 30ml:

A concentrated vitamin A and AHA exfoliating complex which will help to refine and rebuild all skin types and treat all skin conditions.

Resveratrol Moisturiser 15g:

Resveratrol cream is a light weight moisturiser suitable for most skin types. A potent treatment moisturiser infused with Resveratrol, a strong antioxidant from grape skin, and Chronolinean Amino Peptide complex which work to help combat the visible signs of aging.